Deposits Are Refundable
tattoo deposit

deposits required

for all tattoos

All tattoo appointments require a security deposit. The amount is set at 80 euros, which is payable either online or in person by appointment.

We accept payments by card or cash.

Without a deposit, no artwork will be drawn! 

Refundable deposits

satisfied clients

MTM TATTOO only wants happy customers! therefore, we are happy to refund your deposit. View our subject to policy for terms.

Design Modification

Your design may be modified up to 3 times at no additional cost.

Your Creation

Not happy with our creations of your design? then we are not the right artist for you! we only want happy customers! So, we are happy to refund your deposit.

Respect Time

time must be respected

MTM TATTOO will refund your deposit, subject to: 

 We require 48 hours minimum notice before your appointment date, too be able to qualify for a full refund.

48 Hours

lose Deposit

Deposits will not be refunded if the 48 hour deadline is not respected! 

Why pay a deposit

appointment slots

Tattoo artists work mainly by appointments; therefore, appointment slots are blocked accordingly.

No Show

If a client decides not to show up, then the artist has wasted their time and lost out. Time is money.


A tattoo requires a commitment, and by paying a deposit you are showing the artist that you have every intention on not waisting their time.

deposit deducted

the estimated tattoo

All deposits paid are deducted from the final tattoo price.

multi-session tattoos

Multi-session tattoos require a new deposit to book next session.

80 euro tattoo

When the tattoo price is equal to the price of the deposit, we do not require additional payment.

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