How to find a good tattoo artist

How to find a good tattoo artist

know how to find a good tattoo artist

knowing how to find a good tattoo artist, is simple when you know how. Firstly, we recommend that you start with a professional studio!

Tips on how to find a good a tattoo artist.


The practice of tattooing consists of introducing coloured pigments under the epidermis to create a permanent imprint; therefore, hygiene comes first.

You should not get a tattoo in a dirty tattoo shop, due to the risk of transmission of germs. Hence, a good tattoo artist will always provide a clean and sterile environment.

Look at their work!

You have to look at their work and like it! The tattoo artist may come recommended, but if this is not the case make sure to read reviews, though friends and family often post reviews to boost their ratings, so be aware!

Social media networks often use filters and retouching on photoshop which represents profound differences from the real tattoo. You must have realistic expectations.

Be prepared to travel

If you are seeking a specialist tattoo, this can determine how far you may need to travel. Traditionally, a good pro (tattoo artist) can do just about anything.

Like in all trades, there are the real stars, those whose names everyone knows. World-famous tattoo artists have built up a reputation that you are sure to acquire an exceptional and unique piece that comes at a price; however, they are mainly dedicated to larger projects such as backpieces, full sleeves, and sometimes even more. If you are not able to travel to New York, Paris, or Tokyo, a studio that is commutable will be best. A tattoo can involve numerous sessions to complete.

Cheap Tattoo

A good tattoo is often more expensive, while a cheap tattoo is often poorly done.

good and bad tattoo

Good tattoo artists have a lot to pay for, including sterile needles, ink, safety gear, and much more.

Happy to help!

A good tattoo artist will be happy to answer all questions you have, including how much the tattoo will cost. If the price seems too good to believe, then it is. A true tattoo artist has skills, and you should expect to pay between 80 to 300 euros an hour. Tattooing is not the same as drawing on paper, it requires years of practice to produce quality tattoos. Say no to kitchen tattoos!

Before deciding, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like what the artist does?
  • Does the artist have skills and?
  • Are touch-ups (time sensitive)?
  • Does the tattooist provide aftercare advice?
  • Is the tattoo artist registered?
  • Have you researched their work, including reviews?

Make sure to locate the best tattooist, as tattoos are forever.

Still not sure? try attending a tattoo convention, some of the best artists from around the world often attend.

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