MTM TATTOO sugar skull tattoo

understand that a tattoo is permanent

The minimum set price is charged at 80€, irrespective of the time it takes to tattoo you. MTM TATTOO must provide new and sterilised equipment for each tattoo.

The larger the tattoo, the higher the price will be. Obviously more work and time is involved with a full sleeve tattoo than a simple wrist tattoo.

The placement can often vary the price too, the rib cage for example, is an extremely sensitive area to tattoo. It is a sensitive area for the client and harder for the artist to work with. 

The more complex the design is, the more you pay. It’s quite simple.

It is a good idea that you have an idea or reference for the design of your tattoo. Reference images help portray the design in your head and allow the tattooist creating the design for you to better understand your ideas. They are artists, not mind readers!

If you would like to get an estimate for your tattoo, simply upload your reference (photo) or book a free consultation and tell us what you had in mind.

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