Your tattooist wants you to know

Your tattooist wants you to know

Have an idea in mind

Your tattooist wants you to know they do not read minds. Your ideas and references will be used for your tattoo. Unlimited designs free of charge do not exist. 

A large number of tattoo studios require a deposit (refundable-or non-refundable) before they realise artwork for you, as they experience far too many time wasters. You must understand that designs take time, and for this they are not paid.

Do not move

Your tattooist wants you to know that during a tattoo, avoid using your phone, talking with your hands and remain as still as possible. Do not move suddenly.

Do not be offended if your artist doesn’t talk much during your tattoo session, you must remember they are working on your tattoo and requires intense concentration.

Don’t ask a tattoo artist to copy

A tattooist should not copy another artist original work! In the tattoo industry this is rule number 1!

Your references/ideas will help your artist create your design, however do not expect them to reproduce a copy of an original piece. Be original!

If you are stuck with ideas for your tattoo, search out tattoo flash, available online.

What to wear when getting a tattoo?

Think about wearing something comfortable. Also, wear something that you do not mind getting ink on, just in case!

Wear loosely fitted clothes which allow your artist to have easy access to the area that will be tattooed.

When having a tattoo on your thigh, think about wearing clean underwear, or loose-fitting shorts. If you are having a tattoo on your upper arm, think about wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt or a tank top. Do not forget to wear deodorant!

If you are having a tattoo on your foot, be sure to wear cleans socks.


How much is a tattoo?

Reputable tattoo artists will be able to provide a price with knowing more details.

A price may be provided with the following information:

  • Size of the tattoo (cm)
  • Tattoo placement (arm, ribs, etc)
  • Tattoo in colour or black and grey
  • Reference or ideas provided (photos, flash, etc)
  • Cover up?

Questions must be answered before a price is given. Remember every tattoo is unique.

Small does not mean cheaper

Here are some excellent examples of miniature tattoos that require a high level of skill from Zhimpa tattoo Peru.

Artwork by Andres Makishi @Zhimpatattoo

Tattoo touch ups

You should not pick your tattoo while healing, it will heal naturally as long as you keep the skin clean and hydrated. Tattooist are not always perfect, and therefore a touch up may be required.

Most tattooist offer a touch up, if required (time sensitive). However not always required. After your tattoo, you must wait 2-3 weeks before knowing if a touch up is required. Accepted touch up time is usually up to 3 months after your tattoo.

Your tattooist wants you to know. Remember to follow your aftercare advice!

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